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October 8, 2017

Dermatology and Cosmesis
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Articles about applications for photomedicine in dermatology and cosmesis.

FREE Educational PBM Site is proud to announce its cooperation with the new free educational site,! This site offers ten basic educational documents on PBM as on Open Access option. Where applicable, more complex explanations are additionally linked to one of the more read more
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PhotoBioModulation (PBM) and diabetic wounds

PhotoBioModulation (PBM) and diabetic wounds By Jan Tunér There is still no ”cure” for diabetes and PBM is not a cure but certainly a very promising treatment modality to control the side effects of diabetes. One of these is the read more
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Does Low Level Laser Therapy cause cancer?

Does Low Level Laser Therapy (now Laser PBM) cause cancer? By Jan Tunér Even from the early years of LLLT it has been speculated about the possible cancerogenic risks of using this therapy. One thing can be safely stated: LLLT read more
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The composite curing lamp – an unknown phototherapeutic tool

The composite curing lamp – an unknown phototherapeutic tool By Jan Tunér Every dentist is familiar with the composite curing lamp. Some may not use it in their clinical work, like oral surgeons, but everyone has seen and used one. read more
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The search for the optimal parameters.

The search for the optimal parameters By Jan Tunér The mainstream opinion about dosage in laser phototherapy is as follows: low energies and long time is best for reduction of inflammation and for cellular proliferation. High energies are better for read more
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Trials and Errors

Trials & Errors Science is based upon trials and errors. Yes, even errors give serendipitous results; the discovery of penicillin is just one of them. Science starts with ideas, but has to be confirmed. Too often ideas are commercialized before read more
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