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December 2, 2014

Annals Issue 4 2014
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The Light Shines in Sweden!

SBU – Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment – evaluates Laser treatment of neck pain Report type: Alert Report number: 2014-03 Published: 2014-05-20 Low level laser (Low Level Laser Therapy, LLLT) is sometimes used as a treatment method in read more
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Alzheimer’s disease – a case for the laser dentist?

Alzheimer’s disease – a case for the laser dentist? By Jan Tunér It is well known that laser phototherapy (LPT) is effective in treating Herpes Simples type 1 (HSV-1). There are several methods to treat HSV-1, primarily various prescription and read more
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Home Care Lasers.

Home care lasers By Jan Tunér   When leaving the hospital, you often have a prescription in your hand. One tablet in the morning, one in the evening, for seven days. When leaving the physiotherapist you are likely to have read more
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LPT in the media - getting it right, and getting it wrong.

Getting it right and getting it wrong By Jan Tunér   In mid-2014 a LPT study by Arany et al. experienced considerable international publicity. The leading Swedish morning paper Dagens Nyheter presented the study over two full pages, see below: read more
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“Mickey Mouse science?” Is LPT really ineffective for wrist pain?

Mickey Mouse science? Is LPT really ineffective for wrist pain? By Jan Tunér “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence”.  The authors of a study by Petrofskya et al. [1] make an extraordinary claim by boldly stating that Low Level Laser Therapy read more
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