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Revisiting the Holy Grail…

An open letter to the laser therapy community. Peter A Jenkins, MBA First Posted April 28, 2009 […and reprised here just for fun!]   Many of you, over the years, will have read my various articles and posts in which read more
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References – science or decorations?

References – science or decorations? By Jan Tunér   Scientific articles follow a standard form with abstract, introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusion and references. This is a good approach but not necessarily a guarantee for success. The weakest read more
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More Mumbo-Jumbo…

More mumbo-jumbo laser marketing: The Lotus quack warning laser By Jan Tunér   If you are in the mood of spending a lot of money for a gimmick, here is a good hint: Buy the White Lotus Laser! Personally, I read more
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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis – is Laser Phototherapy a good option? By Jan Tunér   Plantar fasciitis affects nearly 1 million people annually in the United States. Traditional non-operative management is successful in about 90% of patients, usually within 10 months. Chronic read more
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