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Laser Acupuncture - Fact or Fiction?

Laser acupuncture – fact or fiction? By Jan Tunér   The application of laser instead of needles has a long history. The very low powered HeNe laser was used in the beginning of the 80ies and from that period different read more
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LPT contraindications – some facts and some myths

LPT contraindications – some facts and some myths By Jan Tunér   In early (and, sadly even in recent) publications, several incorrect contraindications of LLLT have been proposed. Most of them have been more or less disposed of, such as read more
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Bisphosphonates and Lasers

Bisphosphonates and lasers   Bisphosphonates have been introduced to treat osteoporosis. These sub­stances can be administered orally or intravenously. The bisphosphonates have a high affinity to hydroxyapatite and are accumulated in bony struc­tures. During bone remodeling, osteoclasts are exposed to read more
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Alternative Medicine

Laser phototherapy – a timely alternative to alternative medicine   The word “alternative” has to be used with some caution when LPT is discussed. LPT is indeed an excellent alternative to many of the traditional medical procedures, but it is read more
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