Biolight Technologies – another confounder on the laser market

By Jan Tunér

People hearing about the potential of PBM can a bit skeptical. From the very beginning, the least skeptical persons were those already convinced about the magic of crystals, auras, healing and homeopathy. The strong placebo effect of such therapies should not be underestimated. In the PBM industry there are also that kind of people, believing in the magic of the light. But just as in the general alternative medicine, there are naïve believers and cynical conmen. The difference is often hard to tell. The reader is here left to judge for himself about the claims on the website of “Biolight Technologies”. Fantastic possibilities in medicine are offered by a 635 nm collimated laser of 5 mW. This looks like a traditional laser pointer with the difference that this beam is pulsed.

“The Aura PTL II” is said to be the only laser available that combines: “Hz and substance-specific frequencies, Low Level Laser Light, Acupoint Stimulation, Homeopathy, Whole Food Nutrition. And it is the ONLY low level laser therapy with: thousands of frequencies, extensive treatment capacities, energetic information induction, acupoint stimulation, integrated protocols, homeopathy and whole food nutrition, the power of wellness in the palm of your hand.”.

And: “The PTL Home Laser is 2 to 4 thousand times more precise than any other laser in its class on the market today.”. Further, the web site promises that “Science has documented that the regular use of true Low Level Laser Therapy can significantly reduce your risk of developing many types of degenerative diseases such as Neurological Conditions, Alzheimer’s, Impaired Memory and Lack of Mental Clarity. The Home Therapy System has brain and neurological programs that are designed to help keep your mind and nervous system functioning at a higher level of performance. The Aura PTL Home Therapy System is truly the best Health (brain) Longevity Insurance anyone can possibly buy.”.

So, what is the difference between this miracle product and a USD 5 laser pointer? According to the website, “They are two very different light sources and cannot be compared. Our equipment is designed to support and encourage the innate healing abilities already resident in our bodies. The body is a very precise organism and it requires a very precise instrument to treat it. We use the highest quality 635 nm semiconductor laser diodes. the highest quality collimation lenses to prevent energy pollution.”. 

So far, a lot of diffuse words known from quackery, and a lot of unsupported claims. Yet another fantastic claim is: “This is the light source used for the tens of thousands of research studies performed over the past 60 years, and it is the source of light used to create photobiomodulation, a true natural physiological dose of healthcare. Few other LLLT providers use this form of energy; instead, they opt for the politically correct westernized allopathic forms of laser application such as high power infrared and ultraviolet. The last 60 years of research has not supported these methods of laser application, while it has supported the type of low level light therapy that the Aura PTL II uses.”

Where are the tens of thousands of studies using 635 collimated laser light? There are more than 5000 LLLT papers in total and most of them are using IR light, and very few indeed ultraviolet. And despite the lack of scientific support, there are “3000 recipes and 200 integrated protocol” in the product.” In the opinion of the manufacturer, infrared light is of no value.

One “Dr. Graham” writes about LLLT on the website, presenting a lot of mumbo-jumbo. Among other things that lasers not being expensive 635 nm laser pointers are actually some sort of LEDs.

How can you debate with such obvious nonsense? Is it even worth taking the debate? I limit myself to this quote:

“A lot of fuss for little wool”, said the farmer shearing the pig.