PBM in pediatric dentistry

Dr. Martin Kaplan

PhotoBioModulation (PBM) works is many pathological conditions. In the 2014 book “Laser Phototherapy – Clinical Practice and Scientific Background” (Prima Books), more than 90 conditions are described, all found in the current literature. This can make a traditionalist rather sceptic. But the explanation is not that PBM is a specific method for particular diagnoses but working in general for inflammation, pain and wound healing. And one or several of these three are present in the mentioned 90 conditions.

In the previous edition of LaserAnnals, Dr. Martin Kaplan contributed to a fine example of what PBM can do in pediatric dentistry. Here, Dr. Kaplan is generously sharing additional cases, demonstrating that there are few limitations to the use of PBM as a sole or additional method. Laser parameters: 808 nm, continuous, 200 mW, spot size 10 mm circle.

Case 1: Ice Burn, four year old female licked an ice cube tray

Emailed picture one day post trauma, on vacation

First visit to office (2 days after ice trauma)
Pre-op , 4 J at center and 2 J at periphery
       without overlap, 4 J bilateral sublingual lymph glands

(a) 3 days post                    (b) 6 days post
(a) 2 J tongue and 2 J bilateral sublingual glands for lymph drainage

(b) 6 days, 2 J center of healing lesion

12 days post                                 15 days post

12 months


Case 2: trauma from Tongue Piercing


Tongue piercing with trauma April 18; 4 J apex and gingiva

Three days post PBM

Bone structure before and after PBM

Note arrows


Case 3: Local anesthesia biting