The Laser Annals Award for the best study during 2015 has been chosen:

Antunes HS, Schluckebier LF, Herchenhorn D, Small IA, Araújo CM, Viégas CM, Rampini MP, Ferreira EM, Dias FL, Teich V, Teich N, Ferreira CG. Cost-effectiveness of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) in head and neck cancer patients receiving concurrent chemoradiation. Oral Oncol. 2016; 52: 85-90.

This paper has focused on the cost-effectiveness of using PBM to prevent and/or treat mucositis in patients receiving chemoradiation. The positive effect of PBM for these patients has been known for many years, but the focus on the cost-benefit aspect is important for healthcare decision makers. A cost reduction of some USD 5000 per patient is of considerate interest. This paper is not the first evaluation of the cost-benefit aspect for PBM and mucositis, but chosen to shed light on the recent decision by Brazilian healthcare authorities to include PBM as a recommended standard treatment modality. For further reading, see: Photobiomodulation for oral mucositis – a breakthrough.


The Laser Annals Award for the worst study during 2015

Fortunately, we could not find a worthy candidate this year. Certainly, too many papers were of poor quality and there were candidates. However, none of these stood out as a sore thumb as did the winner of the 2014 Award. We would be happy if, in 2016, it will be even harder to find a worthy candidate.