New books

The literature on LPT/PBM is not overwhelming, so all additions of reasonable quality are welcome. Here are a few recent books:


1) Laser phototherapy – clinical practice and scientific background

Lars Hode, Jan Tunér (2014). A thorough update of the 2010 book. 960 pages, 2500 references, paperback.

Price 119 USD. Available from www.prima-books.com


2) Medical Low-Level-Lasertherapy: Foundations and clinical application

  1. Weber, R. Weber, M. Junggebauer (2014)

Contents: Foundations and basic knowledge of medical low-level-laser therapy, External laser therapy and laserneedle acupuncture, Transcranial laser therapy, Interstitial and intra-articular laser therapy, Intravenous laser therapy, Photodynamic (tumour) therapy, Dermatology and skin rejuvenation, Weight loss (body contouring), Lasers and stem cell therapy. Detailed treatment protocols (general rules regarding intensity, choice of wavelength (colour), treatment duration etc. as well as specific protocols for different indications)

Price: 180 € (plus freight). Orders: weber-research@isla-laser.org


3) Handbook of Photomedicine

Hamblin M R, Huang Y-Y eds. (2013). CRC Press. ISBN 13:978-1-4398-8469-0

Not focused on LPT but contains some excellent chapters in this field. £134.00



4) Lasers in Dentistry – Guide for Clinical Practice

Patricia Moreira de Freitas & Alyne Simoes eds. Wiley-Blackwell, 2015. In process.


5) Intravenous Laser Blood Irradiation

Michailov V. 2007. 100 pages, paperback.

Not new, but new to us. Can be ordered from Vladimir Mikhailov, mlasass@mail.ru


6) Laserterapi – en praktiskt guide

Normally, we only feature books in English. However, if you are living in Scandinavia and working with LPT, this Swedish language book is a must. Written by the Swedish physiotherapist Cecilia Lind, this book covers theory as well as clinical practice in a very didactic way. 160 pages, beautifully illustrated. http://laserguide.se


7) Low Level Laser Therapy for Physical Therapists: Skills Development

A new book on PBM in physiotherapy has been published by the Indian physiotherapist Malini Chaudri, available at: