By Jan Tunér

The web based encyclopaedia Wikipedia is these days the most common encyclopaedia of them all. The major advantages are the quick access to the information and the constant updating of the texts. The information available differs in the various language versions. So does the contents from day to day in some cases. When it comes to “Low Level Laser Therapy”, we have followed the development in the English and Swedish versions for several years. Sadly, the information provided has seldom been correct, often biased and sometimes unqualified. On one occasion, the name of a certain company was mentioned frequently, and the source was rather obvious. There are specialised companies offering to produce corporation-adapted information on Wikipedia. As an example of incorrect information, here is a comment to the text accessed on October 24th, 2013. The presentation appears to be written by a competent person, but a closer scrutiny says differently. The two references to “dentistry” refer to an Er:YAG paper and a 2006 review, hardly mentioning LLLT. One references points at an article on Quackwatch, published in 2009. This very negative article presents “Low Level Laser Therapy” as a placebo therapy. However, the majority of the text is an attack on an LED company and offers no clue to understanding of LPT. Thus, these two authors seem to have no deep insight in the subject. Wikipedia will remain an unreliable advisor for some years when it comes to the subject LPT.