Erchonia Medical Hijacks Wikipedia

By Jan Tunér

The most used dictionary in the world is Wikipedia. When compared to traditional dictionaries, Wikipedia is more or less equal in reliability. The strength and the weakness of Wikipedia is than anybody can enter and change what is written. Generally this means updating and improving, but sometimes it has less noble motives. The Wikipedia presentation of Low Level Laser Therapy has been changed several times and used to be fairly correct. Recently, however, the Erchonia Medical company has used Wikipedia for advertising their products. In the article quoted below, “Erchonia” is mentioned eleven times! This is not only unethical but also against the rules of Wikipedia. But is part of the company tactics to spread pseudoscience, such as “635 nm 7 mW photons penetrate a human body”. Read and make your own judgment! A surprising observation is that references 10, 11 and 18 are not related to LLLT and reference 1 is to the failed analysis of Brosseau. The author seems to have little expertise in the field. The article was copied (and slightly edited for reasons of space) on May 6th 2012. Click here to read more on this latest Erchonia Scam. 160 KB PDF

[NB: The Wikipedia page on Low Level Laser Therapy has been changed, yet again, and Erchonia's self-aggrandizing contribution has been removed.]