Annals of failed laser research

Editors: Jan Tunér, Peter Jenkins


These Annals aim at explaining why research in the field of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) sometimes fails. LLLT is a fairly young area of research and now and then well-meaning researchers fail because they are not well acquainted with the subject. Such failures create a cascade of further failures when other researchers try to analyse the failed study. And for those only reading PubMed abstracts, there are obvious pitfalls, since the presentation of the used parameters are often scarce.

Researchers criticised here may not be very happy, but the hard core of science is to scrutinize and to be scrutinized. Science is not a beauty contest but the search for facts.

In these Annals we are making an effort to analyse negative studies to find the reason behind the failure to produce a positive effect of LLLT. The reason is frequently found in the used laser parameters, but may not be obvious to the non-specialist and obviously not to the peer reviewers. We trust this site will be a small contribution to the improvement of the quality of LLLT research and, for that matter, analyses of existing evidence.

Please feel free to submit your own critical reviews of laser therapy studies, or suggest studies that you would like us to review. Send all contributions and ideas to